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Job seeking assistance include all the actions which make it easier for all those who want to work to find the right job and for all employers – to find the right employees.

Assistance in job seeking

We cannot provide direct employment agency services or establish a register of companies interested in hiring people with disabilities or a base of unemployed people with disabilities.

Employment offices located in each district are the public institutions whose purpose is to provide this kind of services. It is there that each disabled person looking for a job or unemployed person with disabilities should search for assistance.

Employment offices also help candidates prepare themselves for job interviews and write job applications in a professional way (e.g. CV, cover letter) and provide them with support of career counselors who help them evaluate their own aptitudes and find strengths.

Employment agency services, including those for people with disabilities, are also provided by employment agencies. There are plenty of them and they organize recruitment processes for specific companies and create websites with job offers. Employment agencies charge commissions for their services.

For many years employment agency services have been provided by NGOs which support people with disabilities. PFRON funds a lot of such actions. This form of funding is called delegation of tasks to organizations. People with disabilities can join such projects for free. The list of projects covered by PFRON’s funds can always be found on PFRON’s website.