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We present actions whose purpose is to help people who are unemployed or look for a job to prepare themselves for finding, starting and keeping a job.

Career counselling

Career counselling includes actions whose purpose is to help you choose the right profession and job position. A career counselor shall enable you to evaluate your own possibilities and aptitudes and to learn how to operate in your professional environment.

Career counselors who cooperate with employment offices or vocational training centers usually know the local labour market well, which enables them to help you perform a down-to-earth assessment of your chances to find a dream job.

Career counselling can be provided either as individual support (face-to-face meetings with a person who will analyze your career path) or group support (group meetings).

People with disabilities who wish to experience professional insertion provided in an employment office (internship, training, co-funding of economic activities) meet a career counselor to evaluate the possible results of that support, e.g. whether the business activities they intend to pursue are likely to succeed on the local market and whether to employ persons with disabilities.

Plenty of career counselling forms are provided by non-governmental organizations supporting people with disabilities. Every day PFRON funds projects of those organizations whose purpose is to help you analyze your own vocational potential and find a job. This form of co-funding is called delegation of tasks to organizations. People with disabilities can join such projects for free. The list of projects co-funded by PFRON in the respective year can always be found on PFRON’s website.