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Occupational therapy workshops

Those with a diagnosed moderate or severe disability, to whom occupation therapy is recommended, can apply for access to occupational therapy where they can increase their independency levels, acquire skills and qualifications enabling them to find a job. Workshops can be organized by foundations, associations or other entities such as e.g. self-government entities or supported employment enterprises with legal capacity or personality which make part of their organizational structure. There are plenty of occupational therapy forms and techniques which teach the attendees everyday activities and resourcefulness, develop their psycho-physical ability and – oftentimes – specific occupational skills. Their purpose is to provide the attendees with qualifications which enable professional training and work. Each attendee of an occupational therapy workshop is provided a rehabilitation curriculum tailored to their needs, which includes information on the disabled person, foreseen therapy and expected results. The curriculum board proceeds with periodical and comprehensive assessment of the implementation of the curriculum and of progress made by each attendee, justifying:

  • recruitment for and continuation of occupational rehabilitation in a supported employment enterprise or in a workplace adapted to their special needs;
  • the need to refer the disabled person to a support office as a result of insufficient rehabilitation progress and inability to work;
  • therapy renewal: for those likely, in case of a longer therapy, to make progress enabling them to be employed in a supported employment enterprise or on a regular labour market;
  • prolongation of occupational therapy due to temporary impossibility to be employed (no jobs) or temporary impossibility to join a support center.