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Accessibility statement

The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON) obliges to ensure the availability of the PFRON website following the Act of April 4, 2019, on Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Operated by Public Entities.

  • The website was published on:
  • Last meaningful update of the website:

Compliance status

This website is partially compliant with the Act on Digital Accessibility. Incompatibilities or exclusions listed below.

Non-accessible content

  • Some documents might be not accessible due to the fact that they come from various sources or have an extensive structure. They might have been created in several organizational units, including those independent of PFRON, without our influence on the appearance or content of the documents. Several documents might have had been published before the Act on Digital Accessibility came into force.
  • Some videos might have no subtitles or audio description, since they had been published before the Act on Digital Accessibility came into force.
  • The use of the “lang” tag is limited in titles and alternative texts, due to the specification of the content management system.
  • Some pages do not always have correct headers

The Statement was created on:

The Statement was reviewed and updated on:

This Statement is based on an accessibility audit carried out by Akces Lab Mateusz Ciborowski

Standard keyboard shortcuts may be used on the website.

Contact details

If you find any problems regarding this website’s accessibility, contact us. The person responsible is Tomasz Wojakowski, e-mail:, phone: +48 22 50 55 448.

Requests for non-accessible content can be submitted the same way.

You can request for the website’s digital accessibility or any of its elements or for the alternative access (for example: a non-acccessible document to be read, a video without audio description to be described, etc.).

Your request should contain your contact details and the information on the requested website or mobile application. If an alternative access is requested, such an information should also be specified

The public administration entity should respond to the request immediately, but not later than within 7 days. Should this be necessary to extend this period, the public entity shall immediately inform on expected date of response, which should be no later than 2 months. In case providing accessibility of a website would not be possible, the public entity may offer an alternative access to the information

In case the public entity refuses to comply with the request to provide availability or alternative access to information, a complaint may be made against.

If there is no other possibility available, the complaint may also be sent to the Commissioner for Human Rights

Buildings accessibility

Fund Office locations

  • al. Jana Pawła II 13, Warsaw (Customer service)
  • ul. Sienna 63, Warsaw (Program Department)
  • ul. Grójecka 19/25, Warsaw (Control Department)
  • ul. Kolejowa 19, Warsaw (Department of IT, Department of Organizational Affairs, Department of Debt Collection)
  • al. Jana Pawła II 15 at Rondo ONZ, Warsaw (Department for the SOW project financed by PFRON).

Accessibility of other PFRON buildings (PL)

Building accessibility of PFRON branches (PL)

Fund Office, al. Jana Pawła II 13, Warsaw

The building has an entrance at al. Jana Pawła II 13. There is one large step in the front of the entrance, marked with a contrasting tape on the edge. On the left side of the building (from Śliska Street), there is a wheelchair ramp. You can get to the ramp by a wide pavement from both ul. Śliska and al. Jana Pawła II.

The entrance door is automatic and marked with two contrasting tapes.

There is a reception desk and security staff on the right in the building. The reception desk and the office desk on the ground floor are not lowered. There are toilets for persons with disabilities on the ground floor and all other floors. There may be minor inconveniences due to the failure to maintain a maneuvering area of the minimum dimensions of 1.5 m x 1.5 m, the location of dispensers with soap and paper towels.

There is an information board in contrasting colors (black letters on a white background) in front of the entrance.

There are also notice boards on the right, behind the reception. A difficulty may be related to these boards' height - the advertisements are illegible for a person in a wheelchair.

On the left to the entrance, there are information points for persons running a business, agricultural activity and companies using PFRON support, as well as employers obliged to make contributions to PFRON. The desk heights and space are sufficient.

Parking place

There are parking spaces for persons with disabilities near the office:

  • 3 spots at al. Jana Pawła II 11
  • 9 spots at Śliska Str. at the building of PFRON’s office and along Śliska 52 Str.

Public transport

There is a bus stop Rondo ONZ 01 (lines: 109, 160, 174, 178) in the building’s vicinity, on the side of al. Jana Pawła II as well as:

  • tram lines stops (10, 11, 15, 17, 33), with the stops approximately 300 m away, and
  • the second metro line (approx. 200 m).

Additional information


Sign language online translator

There are devices installed in the Fund's office for translating conversations. They are available:

  • at the Information desk of the Co-financing and Reimbursement System (ground floor, hall - after entering the building you should turn left and approach the position marked with a sign language interpreter),
  • at the Management Board Support Department (information on individual matters of persons with disabilities, 9th floor - room 909),
  • at the main entrance (security).
Induction loops

To increase the comfort of communication of hearing-impaired persons, induction loops were installed. We tested these devices with persons who use hearing aids.

We have installed induction loops in two places:

  • at the Information desk of the Co-financing and Reimbursement System (ground floor, hall - after entering, you should turn left and approach the position marked with the induction loop symbol),
  • in the conference room on the ninth floor - room no. 907.
Sign language content

We translate a large part of the articles on the PFRON website into sign language. You will recognize them by the respective sign.

Click the sign (sign language pictogram - Scroll to sign language translation), and the article will scroll to translation. The translation video may be available at the end of the article.

SMS contact

Deaf persons may contact us in various ways. We provide the number 517 373 975 for text contact only for the deaf.

Information for deaf-blind persons

If you are a deaf-blind person and need a translator-guide for yourself, please report such a need to us in advance (3 working days) by phone: 517 373 975 (also via SMS) or by e-mail:

Information for blind and visually-impaired persons

You can enter the building and all its rooms with an assistance dog and a guide dog.

The beginning and end of the stairs flight are marked with a contrasting color. Contrasting floor numbers have also been installed.

The elevators are equipped with sound signaling and voice messages on the direction of the lift (up, down), closing and opening the door, floor number, additional information (exit from the building). The elevator panel is marked in the Braille alphabet.

There are no magnified print markings in the building dedicated for the visually-impaired.

Blind persons who want to use our website materials printed in Braille alphabet may contact us at

Emergency notification and evacuation

The building is equipped with sound signals on dangers, and a voice notification system is implemented.

There are also wheelchair access devices located on all floors of the main staircase (on the left to the elevators).

Accessibility Coordinator at PFRON

Accessibility Coordinator at PFRON

The accessibility coordinator is Małgorzata Radziszewska.

tel. 22 50 55 379,

In our institution, we have appointed an Accessibility Leader who supports the design and implementation of digital accessibility. He conducts educational activities on the subject of accessibility among PFRON employees. In addition, he participates in audit activities and implementations of PFRON digital services.

Tomasz Wojakowski, tel. 22 50 55 448,