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5  million people with different kinds of disabilities live in Poland. Our mission is to enable them a full insertion in social and professional life.

Refunds of social security contributions

Pursuant to the Act on Professional and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities, a disabled person is a anyone with the respective medical certificate (diagnosis). The certificate confirms that a given person is disabled and it is issued for one specific individual.

Types of disability certificates (diagnoses)

  • mild, moderate or severe disability
  • total or partial inability to work as diagnosed according to specific provisions
  • disability certificate collected earlier than on completion of 16 years of age

There is one exception: the third disability class certified by the certification bodies of the Ministry of Defence and those of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. It is considered to be an ability diagnosis, because the person diagnosed with it is able to work outside of military services. A mild disability can be diagnosed only when the third disability class corresponding to inability to work for uniformed services also includes a diagnosis of the third general disability class.