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If you are a deaf or hearing-impaired person and need a translator of sign language or a guide using that language, you can apply for funding from PFRON.

Sign language

The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons funds services provided by sign language translators or guides.

This kind of funds are granted to disabled people in function of their disabilities.

Funding is awarded by districts upon the request of disabled people or their statutory representatives provided that the required documents are submitted.

No amount granted for services provided by a sign language translator or guide can exceed 2% of the average price paid for those services per hour.

Sign language translator or guide services funded by PFRON can be provided by any person who is a self-employed sworn translator registered by the respective head of the province. Other persons are not eligible for PFRON’s funding.

Moreover, people with disabilities can request a sign language translator to assist them at court for free. If such a need arises, you should report it at least 3 working days before the date of appearance at the respective public administration institution. Public administration institutions provide disabled people with access to signed Polish translators, manually coded language translators and translators of the deafblind people communication system.