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Do you need any rehabilitation or orthopaedic equipment? Are you going for a rehabilitation camp? Check what kind of funding you can get!

Orthopaedic items and aids and rehabilitation equipment

Purchase of orthopaedic items and aids and rehabilitation equipment funded by PFRON

Orthopaedic items and aids are included in a catalogue enclosed to the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the list of medical devices issued on referral.

The catalogue includes maximum amounts covered by the National Health Fund (NFZ) and own contributions to be paid by applicants for each purchase. Applications for financial help to be granted for purchase of the aforementioned products should be filed to PCPR, which grants PFRON’s funds.

Maximum amounts granted by PFRON are:

  • up to 100% of a disabled person’s own contribution designated within the NFZ’s price limit,
  • up to 150% of the amount of the limit designated by NFZ and of the disabled person’s own contribution, if the purchase price exceeds the limit determined in the Regulation of the Minister of Health.

PCPR fixes the dates of submitting and examining applications in a given year and makes decisions on the amounts to be granted.