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Our Fund refunds KRUS contributions to disabled farmers or farmers who have to pay contributions for disabled householders.

Refund eligibility

Are you a disabled farmer or a farmer who pays contributions for a disabled householder? Do you want to have your KRUS contributions refunded by PFRON?

You have to meet four conditions:

  • Be subject to the social insurance of farmers within the meaning of the provisions on social insurance of farmers;
  • Be diagnosed with disability (your own and/or your householder’s) referred to in the act on rehabilitation;
  • Pay in total and on time (or within 14 days after the payment date’s expiry) your social insurance contributions. Social insurance contributions are calculated and paid according to the Act on Social Insurance of Farmers.
  • Be in arrears towards PFRON for no more than PLN 100.

No refund includes contribution amounts financed from public funds.

Householder status

A householder is any person close to the farmer who:

  • completed 16 years of age,
  • runs a household with the farmer or resides in their farm or in its close vicinity,
  • continously works in that farm and is not subject to an employment relationship with the farmer.