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Funding of worksite for disabled employees is a special incentive for employers.

Reimbursement of employers for worksite equipment costs

Type of support

This kind of support encompasses reimbursement for costs of purchase or manufacturing of worksite equipment by any employer who decides to hire a disabled person who is unemployed or looks for a job. Unlike in case of reimbursement for worksite adaptation costs, this kind of support is granted for purchase of work tools, worksite elements (e.g. chairs, desks, lamps). Maximum amount granted by PFRON cannot exceed fifteen average salaries.

Eligibility criteria

Reimbursement for worksite equipment costs can be requested by any employer who has committed to employ a disabled person for at least 36 months. Employment should be interpreted as conclusion of an employment agreement instead of a civil-law one. Should they fail to keep the disabled employee for the aforementioned employment period, the employer will have to give the funds back to PFRON. To get the funding, the employer will have to receive a positive opinion from the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP). PIP issues it upon the starost’s (head of the district) request.


Applications for reimbursement for worksite equipment costs are filed to the head of the district where the disabled person is registered. In most of districts this task is performed by the district employment office. If the application gets a positive opinion in terms of content and form, the employer concludes a contract with the starost. Under the contract, financial support is granted. It cannot include expenses borne by the employer before the conclusion of the contract.