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Every year, we provide districts with money which can be allocated for trainings for people with disabilities who are unemployed or look for a job.

Trainings for people with disabilities

Trainings provide disabled people with the opportunity to acquire or improve their professional skills and qualifications, which increases the likelihood of their employment and job keeping. Trainings are funded and organized by district employment offices. It is the head of the respective district („starost”) that decides on who shall join them. Eligible persons must meet the following criteria:

  • be registered in the respective employment office,
  • have lost the ability to practise the profession practised so far,


  • have insufficient professional skills or qualifications,


  • need to change their qualifications or complement them,


  • not know how to actively look for a job.

To learn on:

  • the possibilities to be sent for trainings,
  • the types of trainings,
  • formalities to be observed

you have to contact the district employment office where you have registered yourself.