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Read what you have to do and what criteria you must meet to be eligible for funding for your disabled employee’s remuneration.

Eligibility for funding

Are you an employer who wants to get funding for their disabled employee’s remuneration? You have to meet the following conditions:

  1. Employ the disabled person in accordance with the applicable labour laws;
    An employee is anyone hired under an employment agreement, designation, selection, appointment or cooperative employment agreement. Funding cannot be granted for those with whom you concluded civil-law agreements (contracts for work or mandate contracts) or for employees with the confirmed right to retire who were diagnosed with a moderate or mild disability.
    Remember – to apply for funding, if you employ at least 25 full-time employees, you have to employ at least 6 % of disabled people among your staff.
    number of full-time disabled employees / number of full-timers in general X 100%
  2. Hold documents which certify the status of disabled person from the first day of their work;
    Within the meaning of the Rehabilitation Act, a disabled person is anyone whose disability was confirmed with a certificate of one of three disabilities (mild, moderate, severe) issued by diagnosing authorities or with an equivalent diagnosis/certificate.