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Our mission is to enable people with disabilities to become fully involved in professional and social life.

What do we do?

We work for the benefit of the persons with disabilities. We facilitate professional career and sociability in terms of family and society.

Our goal is to ensure equal opportunities for and respect the rights of the persons with disabilities. We make the effort to remove  barriers in a daily life, education, workplace, and fulfilment of social roles.

We support persons with disabilities

We are concerned about maintaining employment and job benefits. We subsidise employees’ salaries. We support entrepreneurs and farmers to pay social insurance contributions. We pay for participation of a person with disabilities in occupational therapy workshops. We incur the cost of employment at sheltered workshops.

We cooperate with partner municipalities. In effect we effectively reach people who are in urgent need of our assistance and support.

Unique Projects

We support people with diverse needs. Every year we announce calls for projects to address the problems that persons with disabilities face. We select organisations that are the best to this end.

Our budget comprises the contributions made by employers and the subsidy from the State budget. We spend our funds responsibly.

We are a modern public organisation. We operate effectively. We care about efficiency and reliability of the application process. We have implemented the Online Assistance Request System. We are developing the iPFRON+ Platform that will serve the purpose of submitting online assistance request forms.