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Our mission is to enable people with disabilities to become fully involved in professional and social life.

What do we do?

Mission of our Fund

The mission of the The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People is to create conditions facilitating full participation in professional and social life for Persons with Disabilities.

Modus operandi of our Fund

PFRON’s financing mechanisms are based mainly on contributions made by employers who fail to hire the required number of disabled employees.  Funds allocated for PFRON’s projects come from obligatory monthly contributions made by employers who hire at least 25 full-time employees (considering their working hours) yet the percentage of disabled people among their staff is lower than 6%. Our Fund’s beneficiaries include employers, individuals and non-governmental organizations and foundations. The largest part of funds is granted by PFRON directly to employers as remuneration funding. PFRON’s funds are also granted to disabled individuals, non-governmental organizations supporting disabled people and specialized entities such as occupational therapy workshops or social economy undertakings such as vocational development centers. A part of funds which goes mainly to disabled individuals is distributed through district self-governments. Units subordinate to them collect applications for funding and, after considering them, transfer the respective funds.