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Our mission is to enable people with disabilities to become fully involved in professional and social life.

PFRON’s Supervisory Board

PFRON’s Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board is composed of:

  1. the President of the Supervisory Board who is the Government Plenipotentiary for People with Disabilities;
  2. a representative of the minister in charge of public finance;
  3. a representative of the minister competent for regional development;
  4. representatives of NGOs, including:
    1. one representative of each representative employers’ organization within the meaning of the Act on the Social Dialog Board;
    2. one representative of each representative labour union organization within the meaning of the Act on the Social Dialog Board;
    3. two NGO representatives other than those referred to in character a and b.

Members of the Supervisory Board are designated by the minister in charge of social security upon the Plenipotentiary’s request, and in case of the representatives referred to in item 3, upon the request of the competent organizations.

The Supervisory Board in 2022-2024:

  1. Łukasz Krasoń – President of the Supervisory Board, Government Plenipotentiary for People with Disabilities, Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy
  2. Krzysztof Bączek – representative of the Trade Unions Forum
  3. Grażyna Dębicka-Ozorkiewicz – representative of the Polish Craft Association
  4. Renata Górna – representative of the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions
  5. Dariusz Jadczyk – representative of the Confederation Lewiatan
  6. Sławomir Jagieła - representative of Business Centre Club Employers Union
  7. Marek Łukomski - representative of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs
  8. Przemysław Momot – representative of the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability
  9. Mateusz Palian - representative of the Employers of Poland
  10. Agnieszka Płoska – representative of the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy
  11. Anna Rajska-Pura – representative of GZSN START
  12. Krzysztof Rowiński - representative of NSZZ ,,Spolidarność”
  13. Katarzyna Szarkowska – representative of the Minister of Finance

The Supervisory Board’s duties include i.a.:

  1. approval of the Fund’s action plans and financial plan drafts;
  2. expressing its opinion on the projects eligibility criteria for the Fund’s subsidies according to the assumptions of the policy of employment, professional and social rehabilitation of people with disabilities defined by the Plenipotentiary;
  3. approval of the Management Board’s motions with respect to the loans contracted by the Fund;
  4. expressing its opinion on motions to designate or dismiss each of the President’s deputies;
  5. control and assessment of the Management Board’s operations;
  6. approval of the Fund’s annual financial statements;
  7. submitting reports on the Fund’s activities to the minister in charge of social security by the 20th March of each subsequent year.